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Face to face meetings can take place in my garden under a wooden gazebo which provides shelter or in a park which is only 200 yards from my practice. Alternatively, we can meet through video communication (e.g., Skype, WhatsApp) or the telephone.

A reliable guide for your journey,
with the right experience and expertise

I offer short, mid and long term work for therapy and personal development to young (from 16 years old) and adult individuals and couples from my private practice in Chelmsford (Essex) and through Skype.

The success of my practice rests on solid credentials. Over thirty years of experience in the areas of psychology, psychotherapy and personal development, the highest levels of qualification, a long term involvement in research activities and BACP accreditation guarantee a service which stands out by its quality, its professionalism and its effectiveness.

A psychotherapeutic & life coaching service which stands out

   Synopsis of what I offer :

  • A professional service based on exceptional credentials, with top qualifications (PhD), a long term involvement in research and over 18 years experience in private practice and various organisations

  • Deep empathy and non-judgmental understanding rooted in personal experience of anxiety, depression and personal development which have given me insider knowledge

  • A safe, supportive and confidential environment where you can express all your thoughts and feelings

  • A warm, engaged and direct type of approach, with a level of interaction and challenge which is proportionate to your needs and disposition, taking into account what these are at any given time

  • A collaborative approach which involves dialogue and facilitation of your reflections

  • An in-depth exploration of your life circumstances and psychological life (your thoughts and emotions) to bring your awareness and understanding to a new level

  • The use of up to date and state-of-the-art theory and multi-disciplinary research to identify the root cause(s) of your issues and inform the therapeutic or life coaching process

  • Deep and extensive scientific, philosophical and spiritual knowledge which you will find invaluable to open up your horizons and explore new possibilities

  • A clear and revealing explanation of the roots of anxiety, depression, stress and other aspects of psychological life

  • A client-friendly theoretical toolkit which, helping you make sense of your psychology and that of others, will allow you to learn how to take care of yourself and support your growth in the long term

  • Support to turn your newly gained insights into practical and positive actions which will improve your mental state and quality of life

  • Practical tips and techniques to help you cope and function better in everyday life, and develop self-care strategies

Typically, individuals and couples who contact me are looking for a therapy which entails going beyond telling their story to an empathetic ear. Their aim is to get to the crux of their issues and identify their root cause. They wish to better understand themselves and their lives, as well as what they need to change and how. Also, they want to do so in the most effective and authentic manner, with a therapist who uses solid and valid theory which connects with their reality and is truly enlightening. Last, but not least, they want their newly gained insights to translate into practical and positive actions, and notice a greater ability to successfully deal with their issues in the context of their everyday life.

Therapy often provides a renewed basis for understanding oneself and many other crucial aspects of one’s life as an individual and a human being. Personal development then constitutes an important aspect of therapy.

Individuals who get in touch with me for life coaching are usually after a kind of understanding of themselves and life in general which goes beyond ready-made and fashionable notions of human psychology. They are after more performing tools than those provided by mainstream life-coaching, based on solid science and knowledge, and adequately suited to encourage real breakthroughs and support long term personal growth.

Some of the areas I can help you with

What former clients have said

“Working with Guy made a big impact on myself and my life. I achieved all of my personal objectives and more."

Male, early fifties, Businessman

“I did not see Guy for very long, but his therapy has had a lasting impact on me.”

Female, late thirties, Charity Worker

“I believe that the style Guy uses - in which he takes a more active part in the sessions -

is the key thing for which I found his counselling helpful and successful.”

Female, mid-thirties, Human Resource Manager


“Guy is a kind, spiritual man whose understanding of people, both the human mind and soul makes him distinctive.”

Female, early fifties, Company Director & HealthCare Professional


“Whenever I talk to someone who is considering counselling, I usually tell them the same thing.

Firstly it is important to find the right therapist for you. For me, it was Guy

and I can honestly say that without his help, I would not be where I am now.”

Female, early sixties, Charity Worker

What next?

I will be delighted to answer all your questions and queries over the phone or by email. A non-committal initial assessment session could help you examine whether and how we could effectively work together.


Contact me in total confidentiality

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