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Hearing the voice of others

Testimonials are invaluable where they give a real sense of what working with the intended practitionner feels like. Reflecting this, I hope that you will find the following testimonials of former clients informative.

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“Working with Guy made a big impact on myself and my life. I achieved all of my personal objectives and more. Guy acted as a coach and guide and I learned more than anything from Guy that I already had the answers I needed, but just needed some support and guidance to get to them. I approached Guy because he has both the solid and credible academic background, but is also working to help clients on a personal level with the day to day issues that are barriers to a better way of living. I found Guy had a great balance between making a personal connection but also being the much needed objective and non-judgemental observer. I'm sure that there are many good counsellors in practise but I doubt many who have the professional background, personal touch and determination that Guy provides.”

Three Years Later...

"Just a few short months working with Guy changed my life... I achieved so much more than I planned or expected and three years on I am not the person I wanted to be, instead I'm the person I didn't even know existed. Yes I'm happier and deal with life on a more even keel but mostly importantly I learned to live for the moment. I needed someone to talk to and Guy was there. Thanks Guy!"

Male, early fifties, Businessman

"When I decided that I needed help to deal with some personal issues, I was cautious as I had had an experience of counselling some 20 years beforehand which I hadn't enjoyed. I remembered sitting in a room and pouring my heart out to someone who didn't say anything to me, but listened and nodded and repeated what I told them. At this stage in my life I knew I needed something different, but I didn't know what that was!

Guy’s website came up on a random Google search of services in the area, and he immediately stood out from the rest. I appreciated the detail of his professional background and his areas of interest / research. It made me think 'this man knows his onions' so I took the plunge and made contact. 

I walked away our first meeting feeling... puzzled? Excited? It was completely different from what I had expected and I was put at ease immediately. The first thing I will say is that as much as I was 'weighing him up', I knew that he had been doing the same to me. And that is a GOOD thing. It is important that relationship you have with a therapist is genuine, and a two-way street. I believed after that first meeting that he genuinely believed he could help me make progress, and I left feeling very hopeful, and more importantly, wanting to go back.

I think what makes Guys way of working so unique, is that he actively engages in a dialogue with you. I also feel that he is very quick at picking up insights about a person, and relating them to their wider context. I would sometimes go to a meeting planning to talk about a specific thing, and we would end up talking about something completely different... and by the end of the session I would be walking back to work thinking 'wow, where did that come from?' or 'how did he even know that?'.

I did not see Guy for very long, but his therapy has had a lasting impact on me. I often reflect on our conversations even now, and his insights have made me better equipped to deal with problems as and when they arise. As a  complete aside, I am also pursuing personal projects that I had put on the back burner for years. None of these were a reason I sought help to begin with, but as a result of Guy helping me to explore who I am, both on a everyday and spiritual level, it has helped me to listen to my intuition, and move forward with a renewed energy. Thanks Guy!"

Female, late thirties, Charity Worker

"Guy's calm demeanour enabled me to really feel at ease when discussing testing issues. It was clear from the first session that he's an excellent listener and it didn't take many sessions for a real level of trust to be established. His ability to know when to interject and when to listen is a skill that allows sessions to be productive and flow well. I feel as though I have a greater understanding of what drives certain ways of thinking and over time the sessions have enabled me to find ways of coping with anxious, negative thoughts in a much calmer way. Since seeing Guy my priorities have changed and things that once caused me a great deal of angst seem less important now which has made me feel far healthier. I feel like I'm a far more well-rounded individual than I once was and Guy's ability to highlight ways to differentiate between everyday worldly matters and items that are connected to one’s self are a big factor in that."

Male, early thirties, Businessman

“I have worked with other counsellors at varying times through my adult life. Most had had a rather obvious approach, with advice as of a magazine and delivery that made me glaze over.

Guy’s work feels more like life coaching, less prescriptive rather indicative. His guidance has thrown light on what had become for me, a somewhat dimly lit path of self-realization.

Guy is impartial but connected with a very open and patient approach. His knowledge of different philosophies/ ideologies is extensive and this has clearly helped inform his well-balanced manner and approach.”

Male, early fifties, Businessman & Researcher

“Before approaching Guy for counselling I have done a lot of research to ensure I choose the right therapist; I looked for academic distinctions and practical experience as well as someone who thoroughly explained the way they practice, what approach they use and why. I have found all of this on Guy`s website (and later in his sessions) and for me, it really stood out from the crowd.

Working with Guy always felt seamless and comfortable. I never felt judged but encouraged to a deeper knowledge of myself and of the people and situations around me. I was empowered to live my life without fear and to be more in control of my actions.

I believe that our therapy sessions have helped me a great deal to manage my feelings and my reactions to the world around me. I believe that the style Guy uses - in which he takes a more active part in the sessions - is the key thing for which I found his counselling helpful and successful. In no way am I talking about advice, but about little comments that raised my awareness of the things which had escaped my scope but were important to be considered, a way of facilitating the conversation going in the right direction; and giving me the tools to a better and healthier way of evaluating things on my own.”

Female, mid-thirties, Human Resource Manager

“To my mind there are two distinct problems when deciding to enter therapy. A) admitting you need it then b) finding the right one. We all believe we are unique and in many ways we are, but then we are also very similar in so many ways. What you need is someone who will not judge you and can quickly strip away the emotions to get to the nub of the issues affecting you and challenge your “current” beliefs. Therapy, in my experience, is about listening as much as talking and then doing your homework by processing this and deciding on your future route. This is, in effect, guided by a good therapist who has the tools to recognise your issues and know how to challenge you in the right way.

I was lucky in that after trawling the internet I found Guy, after the initial unburdening and the release of the emotions that entailed the following weeks stripped away the perceived issues that I was experiencing. I was in a very bad place at the time of making initial contact despite of the support network around me. I felt that with Guy’s help my outlook on life changed immeasurably. In my work life I took a few steps backward in order to release the unfulfilled potential and am now running a successful business. I wasn’t there for alcohol issues but like many people knew I drank more than was healthy. I think we mentioned it once. I gave up alcohol completely shortly after we finished our sessions as I also realised from our discussions that it was not good for my mental state. For the first time in many years I feel that I am able to open up and talk about what is affecting me in my personal life rather than bottling everything up and walking around carrying the burden of the world on my shoulders.

Therapy is no quick fix and there is no magic wand. You have to commit and do the “homework”. I had therapy many years ago for an unrelated issue but felt as though I was being made to fit into a certain type of psychological belief. I felt none of that with Guy, our discussions encompassed many varied topics and there was an overwhelming feeling that Guy was getting to know the real person inside, encouraging them to the forefront and using a wide range of skills to do this.

I feel fine at the moment, positively happy in fact. But I also know that the mind is like a finely tuned supercar. It doesn’t take much to knock it out line, most of the time a little self help works but if the time comes when the mind/car needs a mechanic I wouldn’t hesitate in going back to see Guy. After all you wouldn’t take a Ferrari to Joe at the local garage would you?”

Male, early fifties, Finance

"Finding the right counsellor for me I felt was a very important decision; I spent many hours researching who and what type of therapy. I was drawn to Guy after reading about him because he emphasised helping to understand the whole of me in a non- judgemental way. His high academic achievements are impressive  but I was looking for more than that; someone who I could be completely open with and trust, someone who would help me understand the real me, my life situation, and help me look at myself, thoughts, feelings and spirituality to bring peace in my heart.

Guy was warm and kind from the start and it was easy to develop rapport with him. I never felt judged and I felt he was genuinely interested in both my feelings, thoughts and well-being. I felt safe and I considered that I could discuss anything with him. I liked the fact that Guy would not just listen but engaged in a discussion with me, challenging my assumptions and digging deeper where necessary. Guy was often ahead of me in my understanding of myself and I look back now and still think regularly, “Ah, Guy said that”.

I found after seeing Guy I now have a greater acceptance and knowledge of myself, who I am and that I matter. He helped me on my journey to happiness and peace, he enabled me to make some tough life changing decisions and helped me understand myself and find the path I needed to take.

Guy is a kind, spiritual man whose understanding of people, both the human mind and soul makes him distinctive. He guides and challenges you on a different level, digging deep with care and humility but never at a pace faster than you are ready for. I am very grateful to Guy for his guidance, support and knowledge. He has helped me find a better way of being."

Female, early fifties, Company Director & Health Care Professional

"My first thoughts were that I did not want to discuss my situation with a man. However I had a couple of consultation periods, both with women, one was good and I felt the other one did not understand me or my situation. I felt that she only wanted to make me talk and make me express anger which I was totally unable to do. 

I found Guy's gentle approach, talking to me and helping me through a minefield of emotions and situations that I could not see a way out of, was perfectly matched for me. He intuitively brought to my attention areas of my life that I needed to work through. At the same time, he was kind and very supportive.

Whenever I talk to someone who is considering counselling, I usually tell them the same thing. Firstly it is important to find the right therapist for you. For me, it was Guy and I can honestly say that without his help, I would not be where I am now. I still have low days but I am in a much better, more positive place. For that, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart Guy."

Female, sixties, Charity Worker

"I sought out Guy following a recommendation from a family member. I was apprehensive about seeing a therapist again after a brief, unrelated impersonal encounter with one years before. I had begun to feel increasingly uncomfortable with my life; career wise, socially and concerning self-image.

From the very beginning I felt Guy was truly invested in what I had to say. He is a deeply personal therapist with an innate gift for understanding and connecting with others, which he has coupled with a lifetime’s devotion to the profession and academia.


With each session I was free to explore whatever was on my mind. Some weeks we would speak about deeply personal matters, and other times far less personal conceptual ideas – societal for example. To my surprise, each was able to indiscriminately offer me insight and clarity to the way I viewed my worries. Looking back, a recurring theme of my therapy was looking at problems and situations from the wrong perspective. No matter how right an answer is, if you’re asking the wrong question the exercise is misguided.

Guy’s focus as a person-centred counsellor has been absolutely pivotal to my personal growth. Guy’s style of counselling provides the tools for his clients to empower and trust themselves to steer the direction of their own lives decisively.

If you are in two minds about consulting with Guy I fully urge you to speak with him. Every person, from the most despaired to the most fulfilled can benefit from working through their own demons or enhancing their livelihood. However, as a word of advice I would advise anyone seeking therapy to push themselves to the full extent they feel comfortable each week. Discussing and exploring your deepest most intimate thoughts is extremely difficult for anyone, but in my opinion, this is where the most beneficial work takes place.

Today, I’m by no means the finished product but I have far greater clarity of my life’s purpose and the depth of my relationships with long standing friends has flourished considerably. I feel truly lucky to have stumbled upon Guy and his assistance has without question changed my life forever and for the better. Thank you Guy, I am eternally grateful!"

Male, mid-twenties, Consultant

"I started my journey with Guy roughly two years ago as a result of a traumatic event in my life. Needless to say, I was not in a good place!

My journey has been an uncomfortable one at times because I had no idea how unhappy and disconnected I was, with me!


I found Guy's counselling approach very unique and one that worked really well for me. 

I took away “food for thought” at every session. 

Thank you for your commitment and for helping me find my true self."

Female, early-fifties, Administrator in the Health Sector

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